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May 6

Court Appointed Drug Addiction Treatment

Court Appointed Drug Addiction Treatment Drug addiction can lead to problems where the victim finds himself on the wrong side of law. For example you might be caught by traffic police over speeding under influence of alcohol or drugs. Over speeding in itself is a separate crime from drug or alcohol abuse. The judge might spare you for over speeding or any other non-violent crime if they believe going to a rehab for treatment will help you change your behavior. 

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A court appointed drug addiction treatment is mandatory treatment from drug or alcohol addiction which is ordered by a judge as part of a court ruling. This happens when the judge believes a drug addiction offense does not warrant a jail sentence. A court appointed drug addiction treatment may happen when law breakers are under influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of committing a crime. People who are under influence of substance usually have impaired judgment which might lead them to commit a crime. For a crime to qualify for this ruling it has to be minor and must occur when the defendant was under influence of drugs or alcohol. If the crime is too serious like robbery with violence the judge might go for harsher ruling like sending the offender to jail. When you are charged with a crime related to substance abuse you have to agree to go for treatment to avoid a jail sentence. A judge might decide to sentence you for drug addiction treatment as part of your sentence. A drug rehab offers offenders a chance to turn their life around by finding the help they need. Rehab centers have qualified and experienced professionals who help people suffering with drug addiction. Most rehab centers offer effective treatment but for the treatment to work the offender has to be willing to change their behavior. According to a study done by National Criminal Justice Reference Service, court ordered treatment is an effective way to motivate people to change but it is the person in treatment who decides upon the outcome. That means if a person is unwilling to change they might not have much success with a court ordered treatment. Court ordered drug treatment is an effective way of changing a person behavior. This is because it offers the offenders an opportunity to change their behavior by going for rehab treatment or face stiff punishment. Court ordered treatment started over 10 years ago and since then it has been used effectively to change the behavior of offenders. Drug rehab professionals have the experience of helping drug addicts sentenced by a court find the right treatment. Therefore there is a high chance that offenders will successfully complete their court orders. 

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You can come out of the furnace of trouble two ways” if you let it consume you, you come out a cinder; but there is a kind of metal which refuses to be consumed, and comes out a star.” 

Despite this, it is important for offenders to seek treatment in the right rehab centre because not all of them can successfully meet their needs. Sometimes offenders might find themselves between a rock and a hard place when they are sentenced by a court to receive treatment. This is especially true when a person is financially unstable. Normally when a person is sentenced by a court for treatment the obligation of paying falls on them and not the court. However, certain states like Ohio and Kentucky use the “Casey Law” which demands a petitioner to fund the treatment of offenders. That means if a family member has taken you to court because of substance abuse they will have to pay for your treatment and not you. If you come from other states, you will have to fork out a few thousand of dollars to get help in a private rehab facility. This can too expensive for an average person to afford. However, court ordered treatment does not have to be local. If you can find cheaper alternatives in other states the better. Today, you can find many rehab facilities which offer free treatment to drug addicts countrywide. A court petition is required before you can attend these facilities. However, a court might reject your petition if they are not convinced you will get the help you require to change your behavior. To avoid facing punishment because of failing to comply with a court order you have to look at other options you can use to fund your treatment. One option is using health insurance to meet your treatment cost. Most insurance providers have an option for rehab treatment which can help you cover the cost of treatment. A person who is seeking treatment for substance abuse may keep their job if they take a FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) leave. An employer cannot fire or demote an employee because they have exercised their FMLA right for substance abuse treatment.

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