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May 8

Meth Addiction Complexity

Introduction Methamphetamine white, odorless, bitter crystal like powder that dissolves easily in alcohol and water. Meth is very addictive stimulant which can be injected, inhaled and smoked. Meth addiction looks interesting to most of the people not knowing that its disadvantages out weights its advantages. 

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Meth addiction is long lasting and has very harmful effects on various part of the body. Body Meth addiction has some symptoms which looks appealing to ones thoughts which includes; increase attention and decreases fatigue, increased talkativeness, decrease appetite, rapid heartbeat and increased activity. This may look advantageous to the meth addiction but the effect are more than the positive effects. Someone with meth addiction can stay awake and work continuously without sleeping. Meth addiction is a disease that is very difficult to address. The CNS(central nervous system) is the part of the body system which is highly affected by meth addiction. The brain being an organ of CNS is much affected by meth addiction. The brain is affected by meth which creates a feeling of pleasure, it elevate mood and also increase energy. Meth addiction suppress ones appetite and is sometimes used by people to reduce their weight very faster. The positive effects of meth are known to arise from the release of higher levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine. The dopamine is mostly used in motor function, motivation and pleasure experience. Meth addiction is a serious disease which is very difficult to treat. 

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When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” 

Meth addiction can show some signs that shows that a person is highly addicted to meth. These signs are physical which provide key clues of meth addiction. One of the meth addiction sign is the skin picking which often leaves open sore on the skin. Another meth addiction sign is skin crawling which is a disorder of the skin called fornication. Tooth decay is another sign of meth addiction known as meth mouth. The last one is hair loss, this is caused due to lack of nutrients and digestion of dangerous chemicals of meth. The long term effect of meth abuse is addiction, memory lose, repetitive motor activity aggressive behavior and weight loss. Conclusion Meth addiction exacts a heavy problem on the person suffering and his/her beloved ones. Treating meth addition is very difficult as one might not be able to differentiate the specific symptoms of meth addicted person from the symptoms given by the other psychiatric. Thus, the disadvantages of meth addictions out weights its advantages which gives us a clear conclusion.

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