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Rehab is the best choice for help with an addiction. The path to recovery is only a phone call away. Please contact us now for the help and support you need to improve your life.

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Rehab Planet is the Leading Provider for Rehiblitation Services

 Addiction is a very serious disease one that is not often treated as seriously as it should and this is why we feel that it's 100% necessary to the help available through services like ours is the leader in providing help and support for alcohol and substance abuse addiction. Rehab Planet is based in Knoxville, Tennesse but help clients nationwide.


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Alcohol Addiction Treatment

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Drug & Substance Abuse

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why we do it

Recovery Is Possible

Giving up on your life is not an option the path to recovery is accessible but it start with admitting your problem and reaching out for help. The cycle of addiction need to be broken with substantial change and with be uncomfortable at first. Here at Rehab Planet we make the transistion as smooth as possible. Get all your questions answered and get all your fears address and make a real change in your life now.

why we do it

It's Easier Than You Think 

The first question you may ask is how much is it going to cost me and with the help of insurance the answer is it be little to no cost to get the help you need.